Ethical Decision Making Models

Sometimes, people consider understanding the obligations of public relations professionals as a science. The ability to apply ethical reasoning into a tapestry of various situations, however, is truly an art. In an attempt to address this, many scholars have proposed ethical decision-making processes, based on ethical frameworks previously addressed. The following are three popular models that are designed specifically for professionals to understand how to apply their ethical commitment in action. The following is a brief introduction to these decision-making models:

These three models are certainly not exhaustive. In fact, there are many more and they are valuable to learn in order to apply in various situations. The main thing to understand is that these models have specifically been developed in order to guide professionals who face a plethora of situations. Rather than expecting professionals to make decisions that are ethical on a case-by-case basis, the models provide a universal guide to understanding the ethical obligations held by this profession.

But are codes of conduct (discussed in lesson one) and ethical decision-making models enough to create ethical professionals?

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